The Faculty of Linguistics was established in 1996 from the Faculty of Linguistics and Literature of the former Hanoi University which is now Vietnam National University-Hanoi (VNU). As the only faculty of linguistics in Vietnam, the Faculty has its mission to research on linguistics and cultural issues, to train students who will become researchers, professors, experts of linguistics, Vietnamese language and culture, ethnic minority languages and cultures in Vietnam.

The Faculty of Linguistics is proud of being one of the leading social science and humanities faculties of VNU. Up to 2008, more than one thousand students have graduated from the Faculty of Linguistics including about 1200 BA, 250 MA and 120 PhD in Linguistics, Vietnamese language and culture, ethnic minority languages and cultures in Vietnam. The Faculty’s former students are now working in different universities, research centres, cultural and educational institutions, etc. in Vietnam and abroad.

Enrolments in the academic year 2008– 2009:

  • 300 undergraduate students (including 50 students in Honour Program);
  • 300 foreign students on 1 year and 2 years exchange programs;
  • 195 MA students (including 25 international students);
  • 42 PhD students (including 12 international PhD students).

For its achievement in academic activities, the Faculty of Linguistics was awarded the Third-Rank Labor Medal (2001) and the Second-Rank Labor Medal (2006). Many professors of the Faculty have received valuable awards and titles.


  • Dean: Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Hong Con. PhD
  • Vice-Dean:
    + Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Chinh . PhD
    + Assoc. Prof. Trinh Cam Lan. PhD


  • Department of Theoretical Linguistics
    Head, Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Hong Con. PhD
  • Department of Applied Linguistics
    Head, Prof. Dinh Van Duc. PhD
  • Department of Vietnamese Linguistics
    Head, Prof. Nguyen Thien Giap. PhD
  • Department of Contrastive and Comparative Regional Linguistics
    Head, Prof. Le Quang Thiem. PhD
  • Department of Languages and Cultures of Vietnamese Ethnic Minorities
    Head, Prof. Tran Tri Doi. PhD
  • Center for Applied Linguistics and Vietnamese Studies
    Director, Hoang Anh Thi. PhD


BA Programs:

  • Linguistics
  • Vietnamese linguistics
  • Languages and Culture of Ethnic Minorities in VN
  • Vietnamese Language and Culture for foreigners

MA Programs:

  • Linguistics

PhD Programs:

  • Theoretical Linguistics
  • Vietnamese Linguistics
  • Historical –Comparative Linguistics
  • Contrastive Linguistics
  • Languages of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups

Joint Training Programs with International Partners:

  • Program 2+2: BA in Vietnamese Linguistics for foreigner;
  • Program 3+1: Vietnamese Language and Culture for foreigners;
  • Short term Courses: Summer and Autumn Student Exchange


Along with the training activities, the Faculty also puts a strong emphasis on scientific research. The Faculty members (with 5 Professors, 6 Assoc. Professors, 5 Doctors, 8 Masters) have carried out numerous important research projects and published a number of valuable scientific works and textbooks highly appreciated by their Vietnamese and international readers. Some of these can be listed as follow:

  • Vietnamese Grammar by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tai Can (1975);
  • The Origin and Formation of Sino – Vietnamese Pronunciation by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Tai Can (1979);
  • Vietnamese Phonetics by Prof. Dr. Doan Thien Thuat (1977);
  • Vietnamese Grammar: Sentence by Prof. Dr. Hoang Trong Phien (1980);
  • Vietnamese Lexicology by Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thien Giap (1983);
  • Vietnamese Grammar: Word Classes by Prof. Dr. Dinh Van Duc (1986);
  • A Contrastive Analysis of Languages by Prof. Dr. Le Quang Thiem (1989);
  • Vietnamese Dialectology by Prof. Dr. Hoang Thi Chau (2005);
  • History of Vietnamese Language by Prof. Dr. Tran Tri Doi (2005);
  • Studying Ethnic Minority Languages in Vietnam, Prof. Dr. Tran Tri Doi (1999).


The Faculty has developed cooperative relationships with many universities and research institutes around the world, particularly those in Russia, the USA, Germany, Poland, France, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China and ASEAN member countries with the following programs:

  • Vietnamese and cultural teacher exchange programs, languages of Vietnamese Ethnic Groups at universities and international research institutes;
  • International students exchange programs on Vietnamese language and culture;
  • Programs of teaching Vietnamese language and culture, or bilateral collaborative research programs on languages and linguistics.


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University of Social Sciences and Humanities-Hanoi
No. 336, Nguyen Trai St., Thanh Xuan Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: (844) 38542668; Fax: (844) 38587202